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Koinon Integrity Bookeeping

Where integrity is our foundation and quality is what we do. 

Malinda Olupitan.

I Started a Residential and Commercial Cleaning Business in 2006 built it up and sold it in 2014. Did all my own Bookkeeping for it.

Then Started a retail Business in 2016 and Covid closed us up. During that time we also opened a gas station and built up then turned it over. And we Owned a Children’s consignment store and sold it. I did all the paperwork for our start up’s and filed our own LLC’s

Co-owned a Roofing Company from 2018-2021 and was in charge of customer service and bookkeeping.

David Olupitan.

Has a graduate degree in accounting for over 2 decades and in 2008 went into nursing and worked at Sarasota Memorial Hospital but did more private duty nursing. In 2016, he joined me in Retail and help set up and run operations for 8 locations.

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